Observing time/experience


[PI] LT PATT: RISE and shine: exploring the environments of supernovae with high cadence photometry - 12h B-rank time awarded

[PI] ESO: Probing the circumstellar environments of supernovae with high-cadence photometry - 3n awarded on NTT/ULTRACAM

[PI] LT DDT: Probing rapid variability in the very early light curve of AT2022mm with RISE - 3 hours A-rank time awarded

[PI] SALT DDT: Probing the circumstellar environment of SN2021acya with high-speed SALTICAM photometry - 2 hours awarded


[PI] INT PATT: Probing the GW followup landscape via a systematic spectroscopic classification campaign - 8 nights awarded

Thomas Killestein

PhD student University of Warwick