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Below are some selected ‘highlights’.

First author

Transient-optimized real-bogus classification with Bayesian convolutional neural networks - sifting the GOTO candidate stream
Killestein T. L., Lyman J., Steeghs D., Ackley K., Dyer M. J., Ulaczyk K., Cutter R., et al., 2021, MNRAS, 503, 4838.

Significant contribution

Light-curve classification with recurrent neural networks for GOTO: dealing with imbalanced data
Burhanudin U. F., Maund J. R., Killestein T., Ackley K., Dyer M. J., Lyman J., Ulaczyk K., et al., 2021, MNRAS, 505, 4345.

Machine learning for transient recognition in difference imaging with minimum sampling effort Mong Y.-L., Ackley K., Galloway D. K., Killestein T., Lyman J., Steeghs D., Dhillon V., et al., 2020, MNRAS, 499, 6009.

Thomas Killestein

PhD student University of Warwick